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New Advertiser Strategies for Geofencing

Seattle geofencing
The Battle for Sales and In-Store Traffic is Moving to Smartphones and Tablets. What’s the number one complaint in the malls and retail centers across the nation? “In-store sales are down! . . dreadfully down.” Thank you Amazon. This problem is worldwide. Smart advertisers, however, a
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Why SEO, Social and Search Advertising Are Gasping for Air

New trends suggest a strong move back to traditional advertising Everywhere you turn, bloggers and marketing insiders are squawking about social media, SEO and search engine marketing. Those activities are definitely important, and they represent a growing focus for most companies. Ye
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Click-Fraud and Phantom Clicks: The Digital Ad Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

bot net sign with skull and cross bones
The entire digital advertising world is predicated on the notion that page views and ad clicks translate into sales. Branded websites and digital media companies tout impressive numbers, promising targeted demographics and grand returns—and charging commensurate prices. But how can yo
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New Nielsen Research: Digital Still Fails to Deliver on Advertising ROI Promises

If you’ve glanced at a marketing or technology blog in the past few years, you’ve probably heard some of the commotion surrounding the supposed TV-toppling power of new media. You may have seen the claims that consumers were going to abandon their TVs in droves and just st
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Big Data Plus Small Agency: Your Ticket to a Great Media Buying

In this age of shrinking marketing budgets and rapidly diversifying media, every advertising dollar has to go just that much further than before. Whether your business is small or large, you can no longer afford to be guessing on your ad expenditure. So how can you be sure that each m
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Media Buying 101: Is Smaller Really Better?

size matters media buying
When it comes to the fast-paced world of media buying, the old adage about size is most definitely true. It matters—but not in the way that you might think. In many industries, larger firms can leverage their size to obtain volume discounts and special favors. However, in a detail-ori
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The Myth of the Big Agency: Why Transparency Counts in Media Buying

When you’re working with a big agency, they’ll throw out all the stops to impress you with their media buying process. You’ll meet with the firm’s big guns; no doubt, they’ll sound polished and impressive. But here’s the thing—when it comes down to it, the top names won’t be the ones
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Media Buying Trends Impacted by Multi-Screen Consumer Behavior: Google Study

It’s no secret. Everyone’s simultaneously using smart phones, tablets/iPads, laptops and TVs to consume information, shop, find answers and have fun, and the media buying implications are significant.  That little non-secret is also the impetus behind a recent study of digital media c
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4 Best Practices for Saving 20% to 30% on your Media Buying

Henry Ford said this, and it’s as true today as ever: “A man who stops advertising to save money, is like a man who stops the clock to save time.” The fact is, most businesses need to advertise in order to grow profits, pay employees and partners, and develop new markets. Unfortunatel
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Vision Media Overview – An Interview on Media Buying, Ad Sales and Advertising Negotiation

TRANSCRIPT: Phil: This is Phil Dunn with Synapse Services and we’re talking with Steve Reed of Vision Media today. Welcome Steve. Steve: Thanks Phil, good to be here. Phil: So Vision Media has been helping large and small businesses buy media for quite a while– how many ye
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