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Click-Fraud and Phantom Clicks: The Digital Ad Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

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The entire digital advertising world is predicated on the notion that page views and ad clicks translate into sales. Branded websites and digital media companies tout impressive numbers, promising targeted demographics and grand returns—and charging commensurate prices. But how can yo
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The Myth of the Big Agency: Why Transparency Counts in Media Buying

When you’re working with a big agency, they’ll throw out all the stops to impress you with their media buying process. You’ll meet with the firm’s big guns; no doubt, they’ll sound polished and impressive. But here’s the thing—when it comes down to it, the top names won’t be the ones
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Media Buying Trends Impacted by Multi-Screen Consumer Behavior: Google Study

It’s no secret. Everyone’s simultaneously using smart phones, tablets/iPads, laptops and TVs to consume information, shop, find answers and have fun, and the media buying implications are significant.  That little non-secret is also the impetus behind a recent study of digital media c
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Top 10 TV and Radio Media Buying Tips for Political Campaigns

Media buying for political campaigns is a complicated game that really heats up in the 45 to 60 day window before a general election. And, you have to play smart, because campaign war chests aren’t so flush with cash these days. Here are Vision Media’s top 10 tips for understanding th
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Six Tips for Smart Local Radio Buys – Radio Advertising

If you’re not advertising on local radio, you’re missing out on a chance to connect with a lot of potential clients. Each week, radio advertising reaches more than 92% of Americans ages 12 and up, and it’s at the local level where much of the action happens. A few savvy steps can help
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