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Vision Media Launches Milo “Misting Lotion”: Skin Hydrating Break-through

Please check out this new spot and product that Vision Media is launching. Milo is the product, and it is truly revolutionary. It is the first “misting lotion.” It is not like the other one you have been seeing on TV as it has no parabens, and you can truly mist it on after a shower a
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Survey the Local Media Buying Landscape with Free Online Resources

Advertising on local media can help you reach your target audience precisely and affordably, but if you’re not specially trained in media buying, negotiating and purchasing airtime can make you feel like a hunk of meat in a sea of sharks. The danger isn’t just that you’ll get torn apa
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Five Ways to Treat Media A.D.D. and Deliver a Better Media Buying Strategy

In a world of DVRs, pay-per-click, and more channels than days in the year, media consumption can start to feel like a case of A.D.D. With so much saturation, it can be tough to break through the noise and capture an audience’s attention. Fortunately, this form of A.D.D. has a cure. A
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Local Radio Advertising: Why Smartphones Won’t Be Killing Car Radio Anytime Soon

Since the 8-track burst onto the scene in the 1960s, people have been predicting car radio’s decline and the subsequent death of local radio advertising. Yet even as new mobile technologies reshape the way Americans engage with media, local radio continues to provide countless commute
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How to Fit Pay-Per-Click Into Smart Media Buying Campaigns

Ever since Google launched its AdWords advertising service more than ten years ago, pay-per-click has become a central part of many digital ad campaigns. Yet as pay-per-click matures in its second decade, the approach has gone from bargain to bank-breaking. Sure, pay-per-click adverti
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